Yardy English School

Building Bright Futures

Before 2002, the staff at Umri had to find alternative school programs for their children. Many families were separated throughout the school year with parents working at Umri and children studying in far-away boarding schools.

Then, we founded the Yardy English School.

It wasn’t long before we realized that God had bigger plans than educating a small number of staff children. Much bigger plans, indeed.

When local families began sending their children to the Yardy English School, our vision expanded to include intellectual health as well as physical and spiritual development from kindergarten through high school.  As an English medium school students develop English fluency in elementary school.  The academic program is advancing in science, technology and mathematics to develop top graduates prepared to go to advanced university programs in medicine, engineering, education, research and church leadership.

The vision for the future is to add the last two year program along with a coaching center to enable graduates to compete in the national exam and be competitive as entrants into medical schools, with the plan that students from the area will return to serve their home and region.

Today, more than 900 students attend the Yardy English School. We’re investing in their future. You can join us.