Umri Christian Hospital

Thanks For Supporting 65 Years Of Caring!!!!!

UHC is a Self Sustaining Center of Medical Excellence Delivering Compassionate Care to Suffering People in the Heart of India.

Welcome to Umri Christian Hospital (UCH)! We are strategically located at the center of a rural region of central India, home to over 6 million people who often live in isolated rural villages where families earn less than $1 a day.  The UCH team connects one-on-one with life saving medical care and transforming assistance for sustainable change. We partner with individuals, families and villages to overcome the burden of disease, limited educational opportunity, lack of infrastructure and economic opportunity who are caught in the grip of extreme, generational poverty.

UCH began in 1951 when Dr. Paul Yardy started a clinic to serve the poorest people in and around the small village of Umri .  Patients walked, or came by ox cart, often traveling for a day or more to receive the first medical care available in the region. Many were members of tribal cultures isolated in surrounding forests. Most didn’t even have access to a simple aspirin. Since then, UCH has brought  quality healthcare and hope along with personal and community development to hundreds of thousands of people living in the Yavatmal and Adilabad Districts.

After 65 years of caring, our mission continues stronger than ever: to serve the poor with whole person healing and sustainable development assistance to make a difference in transformed lives and communities. Join us in the exciting mission of delivering modern healthcare and hope with sustainable change for better futures for all we serve .

Partner with UCH To Break The Cycle of Poverty and Transform Lives, Families and Communities.  There are many ways to get involved: give, visit,  volunteer.

Arise and Build Campaign Transforms UCH Campus As A Medical Center Of Excellence:

Transformed UCH Campus & Hospital

The results have been tremendous. Over sixty projects have been completed exceeding the original $600,000 capital campaign several times over, benefiting every department of the hospital and nursing school.

UCH is now certified by the Maharashtra Commissioner of Health going from a 35 to 100 bed hospital able to deliver the best of care to the very poorest people in the region.

In addition to the many thousands of outpatient who receive care for less than $1 per patient.  Over 50 complex surgeries are performed each month.

Medical departments have been added including emergency medicine, orthopedics, maternal and infant care, physical therapy and ophthalmology (cataract removal) along with specialized wards for patients suffering with tuberculosis, AIDS and leprosy.

Literally the blind see and disabled walk again and hundreds have been saved from attempted suicide.

Umri Christian Hospital
New Adilabad Clinic

Helen Rose Nursing School An Opportunity Bridge For Rural Women to Professional Nursing Futures 

The students of our affiliated Helen Rose Nursing School are crucial partners in delivering one-on-one care for our patients.  Their graduation guarantees a professional career in hospitals throughout India.  100% of our graduates have been placed in good jobs since we opened in 2002. Few of our students speak any English when they enter school.  By graduation most are fluent and all able to work as members of medical teams to delivery professional, personalized care.  Now the government has mandated we advance to offer a four-year baccalaureate nursing degree, further extending the capabilities of our graduates to deliver healthcare in hospitals and public health.  Helen Rose nursing students are crucial partners in delivering low cost care for the poor at Umri Christian Hospital and through our outreach mobile clinics.

New Mobile Care and Development Program Reaches Remote Tribal Villages with Healing & Hope

Our mobile care and development village outreach program takes medicine and development capacity on the road to isolated people who can’t get to the hospital.  By working with leaders and residents UCH teams bring relief from suffering and sustainable development to communities locked in poverty. Our partners in development make available technology and development experience that help villages to transform their futures.

Yardy English School Building Bright Futures

The Yardy English School is bringing bright futures to its 900 students, offering one of the best English-medium educations in the state. By adding 11th and 12th grades plus a coaching center we will develop the leadership of the future, many of whom will return to serve in Central India.  Graduates are already scoring at the top of state exams and going on to outstanding universities.

Adilabad Clinic To Become New Urban Hospital & Training Center

Our new  out patient clinic is expanding its campus in Adilabad, becoming a new urban hospital.  Combined the two campuses will enable UCH to offer advanced health and development services to hundreds of thousands of people in the regions with added medical specialties and staff, strengthened educational opportunities, and sustainable community development– all to the glory of God.