What We Do

At Umri, we reach out to others with physical and spiritual healing.

Jesus had compassion for sick people and poor people. To us, it’s a deep privilege to work with these same people. They desperately need good medical care.

Our hospital sits at a crossroads of rural and urban India. People struggle to provide for their basic needs. Living on the edge of grinding poverty leads many men and women to anxiety, addiction, and depression. Our staff members regularly treat seriously ill people who’ve tried to commit suicide due to the trauma of their lives.

People around us are often hopeless. They need more than medical care from excellent doctors. They also need spiritual healing from God. That’s why we follow in the footsteps of Jesus whose healing ministry was one of the heart as well as the body.

Still, we struggle to keep pace with the technology and financial resources required to run a modern hospital. As India has advanced and developed, the gap between the poor and rich has grown, and UCH is needed now more than ever.