Community Development

Umri Mobile Health and Development Program

The trust and relationships built through responsive and effective healthcare opens doors to help people work to transform their own lives. A farmer who is saved from his own suicide with a new hope for the future is more than ready to try new solutions.

Umri is already reaching out to villages with visiting health teams to provide primary and public health care. Collaboration with village leaders can result in community betterment on many levels. New entrepreneurial home businesses made possible by solar power, safe water for drinking, enhanced agriculture.  New power from solar and access to the outside world through cell phones will have dramatic uplifting economic impacts over a short few years.

Umri Christian Hospital is partnering with other organizations, expert in community development in India to provide the skills and resources to not only help people and their families prosper, but to bring new life and hope to many communities still off the grid, still missing out on the economic transformation underway in the big cities.