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Several hundred villages dot the central India Deccan Plateau surrounding Umri on either side of the Penganga River. One million people living in this region come from 15 area tribes.

More than 80% of them live below the poverty level. Extreme poverty is accompanied by many stress factors like illiteracy, low birth weight in children, lack of potable drinking water, and high maternity and infant mortality.

Poverty drives health challenges such as AIDS, tuberculosis, leprosy, and pediatric conditions.

Many local people who make their living as small farmers at the mercy of the annual monsoons are often frustrated in their goal to earn their way out of poverty. Consequently, suicide is a leading cause of death among the rural farmers in our region.

Umri Christian Hospital has the vision to provide integrated medical, social, and economic assistance in a whole person package. We not only heal physical diseases and suffering but we also bring hope of transformed lives and communities. We help individuals and families overcome poverty and build a positive future for themselves and their children.

The UCH Foundation is working with the hospital’s board and staff over the next four years to develop a mobile clinic and community development  outreach program to walk alongside families on their journey out of poverty and into prosperity.