Umri Christian Hospital

As a center of excellence, Umri cares for tens of thousands of patients affected by a wide spectrum of health challenges.

Death by suicide is distressingly common in this part of India as farmers struggle with changes brought on by missed monsoons and global warming. We treat many patients for poisoning –but saving lives is not enough.  They need to return to  families with hope of a better future.  Life saving healthcare includes counseling and tangible strategies for individual and community development.

At Umri, wrap-around healthcare includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, eye and dental care, rehabilitation from TB and Aids and pain management along with urgent care and disease management.

Whole family care included help for caregivers who patiently tend to ill or injured family members who can no longer work. Without our support, their descent into grinding poverty is nearly certain. That’s why we take time to learn how we can strengthen families.

We deliver best practice medical care, including advanced orthopedic, obstetric and general surgery.   Even though our outpatient care is delivered for less than $1 per visit we strive to deliver quality based on international standards of quality.  While UCH is self sustaining for day-to-day operations our modern technical platform is made possible by partnering with supporters from around the world.

God works in this hospital. Miracles happen here. You can be part of the exciting progress by joining in with the Arise and Build Campaign II.