The Umri Christian Hospital Foundation is organized as a special-purpose, not-for-profit foundation with the 501 C (3) status of Guidestream so contributions are fully tax deductible. The foundation is building a broad base of support through alliances with individuals, foundations, and organizations to support Umri Christian Hospital in its mission to deliver quality medical care to the poor in central India.

All gifts make a difference!  Regular monthly gifts build the capacity to deliver care to anyone who presents at the hospital in need of care no matter how poor they are with limited ability to pay for care. Every person we touch is worthy of high quality, compassionate care.
  • $.50 pays for extra protein of a glass of milk and an egg for a TB patient to return them to health.
  • $1 pays for a patient outpatient visit
  • $10 pays for an life saving ambulance transport from a village to the hospital
  • $25 buys crucial medications for a month of TB care
  • $50 pays for the mobile care clinic visit to a tribal village and outpatient care for 30 patients plus public health training in public health, hygiene, nutrition and health
  • $100 cataract removal and restoring site to people who have gone blind
  • $250 pays for a solar panel that builds self sufficiency and saves on enough electrical costs to pay for the care of several patients
  • $2,500 buys a year of tuition, room and board for a nursing student enabling them to become professionals with a bright future making a difference in the care of the poor in rural India

Donate via any of the following:

  • Donate Now Online
  • Checks with a memo line indicating Umri Christian Hospital Foundation may be made payable to GuideStream Charitable Gift Fund and sent to:
    GuideStream Charitable Gift Fund
    8050 Spring Arbor Rd.
    PO Box 580
    Spring Arbor, MI 49283
“Umri Christian Hospital exists to bring physical and spiritual healing with the love of Jesus to the poor in Central India”