Umri Christian Hospital has served as a light on the hill since 1951. From its early days as a clinic, UCH has grown into a major regional medical center. Today, our campus is alive with activity, growth, and development.

The Helen Rose Nursing School

In 2002, the Helen Rose Nursing School accepted its first class of students as did the Yardy English School.

We founded the nursing school to address the shortage of qualified nurses in central India and to give an opportunity for education to local tribal girls who have few other chances to earn a living and escape poverty.

The school educates 120 girls, some of whom did not know what nursing was before they came to us.
One of our students told us, “Whatever I do, I want three things to happen: to make God proud, to make my parents proud, and to make my college proud.” (She does.)

“When I’m caring for a patient,” another future nurse said, “I feel that whatever problem that patient has should be reduced or gone thanks to my touch.”

Most exciting to us,  Helen Rose School of Nursing opens a new window of service for its students as healthcare professionals in careers at Umri and in medical centers throughout India. The UCH Foundation raises scholarships for many of the girls who find a new hope and future here. For only $2,500 per year, nursing students receive a full year of education and room and Board.  You can join in making this opportunity possible for talented young people to gain access to this upward ladder of professional service.

The Yardy English School

Up the hill at the back end of the Umri campus, you will find the Yardy English School. We started this school as a way for staff children to get a quality education without being sent away to boarding school. It’s a great Christian outreach to the community as well. The Yardy English School exemplifies quality education as well as of Jesus’ love to the 800-plus children who attend it.

Adilabad Campus

Recently, we began building a second campus at Adilabad where we’ve sponsored a clinic for many years. This satellite hospital is already serving as many patients as the home campus – people who already travel miles, sometimes on foot, to reach medical care.

Arise and Build

Thanks to the Arise and Build campaign, we’ve constructed new operating theatres, an ICU, and housing for the nursing school. More facilities mean more patients receive care and ultimately more people hear about Christ.

God is at work. Things are moving as we planned. We still need a pediatric ward and a long list of other facilities. But we’re poised to serve God and God’s people for 60 more years if you can help us expand and modernize our facilities.