Our Story

Founded in 1951 as a small clinic in the central part of India, Umri Christian Hospital has grown into the primary medical center local people rely on for physical healing and health education.

UCH sits at the center of hundreds of villages reflecting seven distinct tribal cultures– many are small farmers who depend on the annual monsoons to grow their dry land crops like cotton. Many subsist on an average salary of just $3 per day.

Farming accidents, tuberculosis, leprosy, high-risk pregnancies, blinding cataracts, and a staggering suicide rate mean medical care is vital.

Where will the poorest people turn?

At Umri, we strive to follow the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as shown in the Bible. Throughout the Gospels, Jesus healed physical bodies as well as their hearts. He moved around with compassion healing the leper, giving sight to the blind and helping the lame walk. Umri brings hope to people with nowhere else to turn.

Every patient should know Jesus cares for them – body and soul.